Re: 136.600 for ARINC in USA

Dan Henry

On Wed, Jun 10, 2020 at 03:20 PM, Kevin Elliott wrote:
What are the 5 US freqs now?
Hi Kevin,

The first three are very active.

136.650  ARINC only
136.800  SITA only
136.975  Primary (both ARINC and SITA).  International freq.

136.700  Was added last November 2019.  Little to no traffic, but at least one GSIF confirmed.
136.600  ARINC only. Just added June 2020.  Only one license so far I believe.

With dumpvdl2 it is just as easy to monitor all 5 frequencies as it is one.  Monitoring all 5 puts very little load on even a minimal CPU.  Sergio is very good at tracking license data.  He discovered both 136.7 and 136.6.


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