Several GS in Romania

Sergio Sarabia

The current GS 27D217 LROP Bucharest has been added 4 more GS for SITA and 5 GS for ARINC:

210DB7 [LRBC Bacau Intl Romania] [Bacau] new
21B157 [LRCL Cluj Napoca Intl Romania] [Cluj Napoca] new
21B897 [LRCK Constanta Intl Romania] [Constanta] new
2A4E57 [LRTR Timisoara Traian Vuia Intl Romania] [Timisoara] new
10950A [LROP Bucharest Henri Coanda Intl Romania] [Bucharest] new
10951A possible LRCL Cluj Napoca
109D0A possible LRTR Timisoara
109D1A possible LRBC Bacau
109D2A possible LRCK Constanta

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