VDL2_Ground_Stations.txt Multipsk file last update 1583 GS = 1575 + 8 duplicate codes of South Korea. July 11, 2020

Sergio Sarabia

VDL2_Ground_Stations.txt Multipsk file last update 1583 GS = 1575 + 8 duplicate codes of South Korea. July 11, 2020
Corrections or new GS in this update:
10224A [LLBG Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Intl Israel] [Tel Aviv] new
103A7A [KCIC Chico Municipal] [Chico CA] new
10950A [LROP Bucharest Henri Coanda Intl Romania] [Bucharest] new
11318A [KNYL Yuma Intl] [Yuma AZ] new
209037 [LTAF Adana Sakirpasa Turkey] [Adana] new
20B5B7 [OJAI Amman Queen Alia Intl Jordan] [Amman] new
20B5B8 [OJAI Amman Queen Alia Intl Jordan] [Amman] new
210DB7 [LRBC Bacau Intl Romania] [Bacau] new
21B157 [LRCL Cluj Napoca Intl Romania] [Cluj Napoca] new
21B897 [LRCK Constanta Intl Romania] [Constanta] new
298D98 [SCEL Santiago Intl Chile] [Santiago Intl] new
2A32D7 [LLBG Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Intl Israel] [Tel Aviv] new
2A32D8 [LLBG Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Intl Israel] [Tel Aviv] new
2A4E57 [LRTR Timisoara Traian Vuia Intl Romania] [Timisoara] new
Note: duplicate code ranges 1050xA and 1054xA (total 32 codes) are used by USA and South Korea
I request the collaboration from any part of the world to continue with the update of this list.
Possible GS pending confirmation. Please participate in your search, thank you:
1010CA KELY Ely
10111A KBNO Burns
10127A KMDD Midland Airpark
1012BA KSVC Grant County 2nd GS
1012CA KROW Roswell
1015EA KAMA Amarillo 1st GS
10160A PAJN Juneau
1016AA KELK Elk City Reg
10197A KBRO Brownsville South Padre Island Intl
1020AA KAMA Amarillo 2nd GS
1020CA KSHV Shreveport
10241A KCDC Cedar City Reg
10242A KHRL Harlingen Valley Intl
10246A CYXH Medicine Hat
1024BA KLBF North Platte Reg
10260A KTUL Tulsa
10264A HECA Cairo Intl
1028BA TIST St. Thomas Cyril
1028CA TAPA V.C. Bird Antigua
1028DA MMCU Chihuahua
1029AA KLAW Lawton Municipal
102D7A TGPY Maurice Bishop Grenada
102E1A KMRF Marfa
10305A KTWF Twin Falls
10312A KTWF Twin Falls
1034FA KELP El Paso
1035BA OMSJ Sharjah
10367A KRKS Rock Springs
10368A KPGA Page
10369A VLE Valle
10380A KEYW Key West 2nd GS
1038FA KMFE McAllen Miller
10393A KPIH Pocatello Reg
10407A KSVC Grant County 1st GS
10413A KMCK McCook Ben Nelson Reg
10418A KSPS Sheppard AFB Wichita Falls
1041BA KBOI Boise
104269 KDTA Delta Municipal
10441A KSGU St. George Reg
10445A KEKO Elko
1045CA KWMC Winnemucca
10465A KGYR Phoenix Goodyear
1048AA MMSP San Luis Potosi
104A8A KELY Ely
104C2A KMAF Midland Intl
104C9A PAYA Yakutat
10582A MMGL Guadalajara
10583A MMHO Hermosillo Intl
10600A CYXY Whitehorse
10641A CYQH northern Watson Lake
10941A LWSK Skopje
1094BA UKOO Odesa or LUKK Chisinau
10951A LRCL Cluj Napoca
109CFA EYPA Palanga
109D0A LRTR Timisoara
109D1A LRBC Bacau
109D2A LRCK Constanta
10A95A ZGNN Nanning
10C87B ZSLQ Huangyan Luqiao
10C9EA ZGNN Nanning
10CD4A ZSWH Weihai Dashuibo or ZYDD Dandong Langtou
10D06A ZGGG Guangzhou
10D0EA ZSWZ Wenzhou
10D51A ZSWZ Wenzhou
F006B0 RJFF Fukuoka
F006B1 RJFF Fukuoka
F05578 SBCF Belo Horizonte Tancredo Neves
F05A40 SBUG Uruguaiana
F05E14 SBCT Curitiba
F0797C SBFL Florianopolis
F07AC4 SBSG Natal
F07FF4 SBMO Maceio Zumbi dos Palmares or SBPL Petrolina
Pending licenses to be confirmed in 136.650:
KPHL Philadelphia Intl PA 11347A or 11502A inactive state
KJFK Kennedy Intl NY 11147A or 11508A inactive state
KLGA LaGuardia NY 11201A or 11547A inactive state
KBFM Mobile Downtown AL 11356A inactive state
KDEN Denver CO 11205A or 11345A or 1150AA unknown state
KMIA Miami FL 11181A or 1154AA unknown state
KHSV Huntsville Intl AL 1118BA unknown state
KBBG Branson MO 114D7A unknown state
KCID Eastern Iowa IA 113C3A unknown state
KSBY Salisbury MD 11108A unknown state
KAGC Allegheny County PA 1120EA unknown state
KDAY Dayton OH 11388A unknown state
KCHS Charleston SC 111C4A unknown state
KTRI Tri-Cities Reg TN 1111DA unknown state
KEWN Coastal Carolina Reg NC 11408A unknown state
KATW Appleton Intl WI 11351A unknown state
KSLC Salt Lake City Intl UT 11206A or 1150EA unknown state
To update or rectify this list, please send me the log reports or GSIF messages of Multipsk, vdlm2dec and dumpvdl2 program to my e-mail. Thanks.
Please do not reply in this thread, the content will be deleted in the next update.

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