3 GS 136.650 SE USA confirmed active

Dan Henry

Hi all,

Sergio previously reported the FCC license data for these stations.  I can now confirm that all three have gone active.

Pending licenses to be confirmed in 136.650:  (Sergio post)

KHSV Huntsville Intl AL 1118BA unknown state
KCHS Charleston SC 111C4A unknown state
KTRI Tri-Cities Reg TN 1111DA unknown state

Ground Station Address by Code
1118BA  136.650  374  KHSV Huntsville Intl AL - First received 20200708.
      -Good quality traffic received every day since going active.

111C4A  136.650   13  KCHS Charleston AFB Intl SC - First received 20200702.
     -All Handoff Initiations from different aircraft on 2, 7, and 12 JUL 2020

1111DA  136.650    5  KTRI Tri-Cities Arpt Bristol, TN - First received 20200704.
     -Fairly low quality data with only 5 Handoff Initiations as below.  All from same aircraft.

[2020-07-04 15:57:17 GMT] [136.650] [-4.8/-28.5 dBFS] [23.7 dB] [2.9 ppm]
ADAB36 (Aircraft, Airborne) -> 1111DA (Ground station): Command
AVLC type: U (XID) P/F: 1
 XID: Handoff Initiation
  Public params:
   Parameter set ID: 8885:1993
   Procedure classes: 00 01
   HDLC options: 20 a4 88
  VDL params:
   Parameter set ID: V
   Connection management: 01
   XID sequencing: seq: 7 retry: 0
   AVLC specific options: 27
   Destination airport: KATL


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