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ACARS / VDL2 / JAERO and HFDL (in a subgroup) Monitoring.
A Group for those interested in ACARS / VDL2 / JAERO Monitoring. With a sub-group for HFDL specific .
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  • HFDL (High Frequency Data Link) monitoring
    This group is the number one resource for everything about the High Frequency Data Link protocol (HFDL aka 'HF ACARS'), which is used to send ACARS-like messages from and to aircraft on shortwave frequencies (2-22 MHz). HFDL is operated by ARINC as the GLOBALink/HF service, with 16 ground stations spread over the globe. The last ground station became active in May 2019 which was Ground Station ID 10 MUAN - SOUTH KOREA. In this group, you will find: - The latest version of PC-HFDL; - An up-to-date PC-HFDL system table file; - A set of technical articles about HFDL; - Questions and Answers (see the Wiki); - Relevant links (see the Wiki); - etc. If you encouter interesting HFDL messages feel free to share them in a post. *Please do not upload your logfiles.* The freely available space is limited.
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