Inmarsat Aero data via Sdrplay RSP1A-JAERO #JAERO

I have now bought the RSP1A replacing my Airspies-the latter no longer usable as their Bias Tee broke down.
As to software I have SDRsharp - not usable with RSP1A ? - and HDSDR which offers a plugin for my RSP1A.
I managed to download and install the latter as well as the SDRplay V 3 console v. 3.0.22.
I am also relieved by the fact that the RSP1A bias tee functions and supplies  my Nooelec LNA.
I am a newcomer to the RSP1A and to HDSDR.
I have been not successful to establish the right setup linking the RSP1A/HDSDR to the console and thence 
I would be most thankful for learning from you the correct settings-screenshots etc.
May I thank you in advance for your help.


On Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 09:03 PM, fly.fechter@... wrote:

I have been not successful to establish the right setup linking the
RSP1A/HDSDR to the console and thence
Hello Roland,

As moderator I have sent you two warnings to only use this group for Aircraft related questions.
Saddly you have not replied to them..

As this post is aircraft related I will allow it and answer it shortly.
It is not possible and not logical to "linking the RSP1A/HDSDR to the console and thence to JAERO".
You can use HDSDR or SDR-console. Not both.
So if RSP1A is working with HDSDR then just feed the audio from HDSDR to JAERO.
Or use the RSP1A with SDR-Console (v 3.0.22) and feed the audio to JAERO.



The method of connecting the control software to the decoder will be the same whether you use sdrsharp/hdsdr/sdruno/sdrradio (console).
In each case you would use a virtual audio cable (VAC or VBCable) - or multiple virtual cables if running multiple copies of the decoder.

You can insert a 'bias-t' between the receiver and the LNA and still use your Airspy's so they could still be utilised....though I'm wondering how you have managed to damage the internal power injector on more than one Airspy and if you are likley to do the same with your sdrplay device.

Hello, Dick !
Thank you for your kind explanations.
I wonder if instead of HDSDR & SDR console I could re-use the SDR# software, as I am familiar with the latter.
I would then channel the Aero data to Jaero via VB virtual line.
Could you comment this ?
Thanks in advance,


On Sat, Apr 25, 2020 at 03:45 PM, fly.fechter@... wrote:

Could you comment this ?
Yes, ASK in the airspy group:
or in the sdrplay group:

Do not forget that Airspy (SDR#) and SDRplay are competitors and because their software is free they prefer that you buy their products.

PS. has this
SDR# Plugin – version 2.2
(RSP1 ONLY) (SDR# 1411-1500)
Note: This plugin will NOT work on SDR# versions greater than 1500.