Display Launcher with Planeplotter and HFDL

reg williams

I am using Planeplotter with PC-HFDL. There is a program I would like to link to to HFDL called Display Launcher by Mike Simpson. I have found sites to download but the security software on my pc blocks the download every time and states " The web page is on the list of potentially dangerous content".  Has any member downloaded the software with no problems ? I wonder if the security software I have is just being over cautious.
Any comments would be appreciated.



This is the correct site for Mike's software:


I use "PC-HFDL-Display" to consolidate the output of 4 instances of PC-HFDL to PlanePlotter (which reads only one logfile).






Hi Reg,

Display-Launcher is downloading OK from my site to most users. I have tested it with most anti-virus software and it seems OK on all of them. One of my other programs TS-Tools (for a rail simulator) was giving 'Trojan' warnings from Windows Defender last month, but I sent a copy to Microsoft and they changed something as it has stopped giving warnings now.

Regards, Mike Simpson
South Penrith, NSW, Australia