dumpvdl2 1.10.1 is out

Tomasz Lemiech

## Version 1.10.1 (2020-07-05):
* Added support for SDRPlay API version 3 which is required for new devices
  (notably RSPdx). API version 2 is still supported, however it will probably
  be removed in a future release. It is possible to have both versions
  installed simultaneously and to choose which one to use at runtime. See for details.
* Added `--milliseconds` option which enables printing timestamps in message
  headers up to a millisecond precision. Note that the arrival timestamp is
  stored per VDL2 burst, not per VDL2 message. Since a VDL2 burst may contain
  more than one VDL2 message, all messages extracted from a single burst will
  still have exactly the same timestamp value, regardless of whether
  millisecond precision has been enabled or not.

Tomasz Lemiech