New GS 1092BA

Sergio Sarabia

From 2020-07-23 13:41 new GS 1092BA flying over Baltic Sea.

Sergio Sarabia

Possible EFHK Helsinki Vantaa

Sergio Sarabia

1092BA [EFHK Helsinki Vantaa Finland 60°18'N 025°00'E] [Helsinki Vantaa] new
[2020-08-06 08:25:19 EEST] [136.975] [-14.5/-32.5 dBFS] [17.9 dB] [1.3 ppm]
1092BA (Ground station, On ground) -> FFFFFF (Aircraft): Command
GS info: EFHK, Helsinki Vantaa
AC info: -, -, -
AVLC type: U (XID) P/F: 0
 XID: Ground Station Information Frame
  Public params:
   Parameter set ID: 8885:1993
   Procedure classes: 00 01
   HDLC options: 20 84 80
   N1-downlink: 07 d8
   N1-uplink: 07 d8
  VDL params:
   Parameter set ID: V
   AVLC specific options: 20
   Airport coverage: EFHK
   ATN router NETs: 58 41 41 02 00 93 "XAA..."
   System mask: F00000
   Ground station location: 60.3N 25.0E

Thanks to Lasse.


Thanks guys,
Added it to both databases.

Was surprised to see that Lasse is using a TZ = EEST .
Expected that all aviation communication enthousiast would use UTC and not a local time.